We are proud to announce that the five star Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles-Spa has added to it's existing upscale services a more complete Spa program and Temazcal.


The opening of our new spa service provides complete spa packages, or you can choose from our combination services and just add our specialized Spa program. 
At our Petit Spa we offer Aromatherapy, various types of massages, Relaxation and Reflexology and many more spa services. 

Aromatherapy is the art of recovering health, beauty and wellbeing through the usage of essencial oils, which are considered the vital force of plants. 
In the aromatherapy massage the oils are absorbed by the body, therefore taking advantage of their healing properties, thus acheiving a more effective and profound result, helping you liberate tensions and relax the mind. 

The human body accumulates everyday tensions, due to worries, problems, stress and bad posture. 
The therapeutic massage, that renews the nervious system, is the best way of eliminating all tension and increase your energy. 


The old ways teach us that no one could really be healthy if they do not respect the laws of the universe and it's four elements.

The Temazcal is a ceremony of reconciliation with the universal laws. In this purification ritual, when the body sweats it cleans itself and begins to liberate all the tensions and worries, the smell of the medicinal herbs and the traditional chanting leads us to superior level of relaxation and purification of the body and soul.